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Default Let's pick a replacement for this (Access) newsgroup

"Bob Quintal wrote in message
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Thanks for the info and recommendation.

The experts have been focusing on the technical aspects (news
group vs web interface) but I think that what's more key is an
Access-focused forum/newsgroup, with some subdivisions, and
knowing that most people that are asking a question will need a
web site / web interface.



Nobody NEEDS a web-based interface. Outlook, Eudora, Opera all do nntp.

There are reams of NNTP clients out there, many free.

Right, but the stated intention is that this NNTP server is to be shut down.

Unfortunately, the two groups created for access, one is on MSDN (Microsoft
Developer network). This one is separate, not tossed in with any other
product. It for sure setup around developers and is on the developer
network, and if you are a part of the developer network then this group is
for you. There is also a NNTP bridge available. That group is he

Access for Developers

the above hierarchy is:

Office Developer Center
Microsoft Office for Developers Forums
Access for Developers

If you are more consumer, and not such a hard core access developer with
general questions, the group is he


I agree with David's comments here that splitting this up is not ideal.
However, many complained and many wanted a section devoted to developers and
thus a group been created on the Microsoft developer network right in the
middle of the developer network and area. So, for the real developers they
been given a area.

I actually think that for many, they would shy away from jumping into the
MSDN developer area to ask most basic questions about access.

I personally would prefer everything stay under msAnswers, but there is a
developer oriented forum for access now that encourages questions of
technical and programming nature if that is your cup of tea.

While I don't think the msAnswers forum works very well with NNTP, the MSDN
one is separate for access, and thus for the NNTP crowd, that should work
quite well with the bridge.

However, my spider sense thinks this group just might stay open awhile
longer then the deadline of today....

Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP)
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