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Default Let's pick a replacement for this (Access) newsgroup

USENET newsgroup (CDMA) has been around longer than
the Microsoft-sponsored newsgroups (Microsoft was still using CompuServe
forums when CDMA was approved). At least one member of the Big-8 Management
Board has indicated he will try to expedite formation of new USENET groups,
if needed. But, the single CDMA newsgroup has worked well... quite a lot of
present and past Microsoft MVPs for Access have indicated they will be
monitoring that group and answering questions.

I see you are posting from Microsoft's online interface... many of the
people who answer questions contend that every online interface they have
seen / used is clumsier, less-effective, prevents working offline, and has
many other drawbacks -- if they were interested in spending more time and
effort to help others, they could just suppress their distaste and use the
clumsy, online, less-effective online forums that Microsoft has proposed.

I agree with that online UI to Q&A is less-effective. Because my ISP dropped
newsgroup support, I have signed up with a news server service -- the one
I'm using is inexpensive, but not free, however there are free news servers
that get good reports. I'm posting right now using that service to
newsgroups that Microsoft has officially dropped, but other servers are not
dropping, so will continue to be useful if you'll get a news server and a
news reader. Outlook Express will work, and there are many free and for-fee
news readers with additional capability.

You will not be able to use the Microsoft online UI with the newsgroups, but
it has had unfixed bugs for months, perhaps years, so is even less useful
now than it once was.

Larry Linson, Microsoft Office Access MVP
Co-author: "Microsoft Access Small Business Solutions", published by Wiley
Access newsgroup support is alive and well in USENET

"Fred" wrote in message
Folks have recommended various sites to replace this (Access) newsgroup
when poor-listener Microsoft drops it.

Why don't we pick a replacement to give it the "critical mass" to fully
replace this one? If interested, please respond to this with your

Also, if you feel like it, in case this goes dead, send me an email with
your email address at North9000 at gmail dot com and I'll try to
collect / send out the news/results. (via blind cc)

I did / will be duplicating this in database design, general and new user
Access groups.