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Peter Jamieson
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Default Mailmerge error - access database can't find object- help!!!

Since it's not obvious what is going on here, can you please tell us
a. which version of Word?
b. what steps you have been trying? For example, from your description
it is difficult to determine
- whether you created your data source during the merge process, or
whether it already existed
- what type of data source it is (something you created in Word? An
Outlook Contact list?)
- whether or not everything was OK until you saved/closed your
mailmerge main document then re-opened it. Or maybe you merged
successfully, kept the main document open, but could not merge again.

Peter Jamieson

On 03/06/2010 21:18, lynda wrote:
I used mailmerge successfully once then went back and tried to select a
contact list and got the error message " the microsoft database engine could
not find the object'. make sure the object exists and that you spell ots name
and path correctly.