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Mary Sauer[_3_]
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Default how do I get a .gif to run in a

Thanks for that David.

Two newsgroups I follow were taken down today. A message came across. I still
can read them in a news reader I subscribe to. Who knows when they all will be
gone. Some folks in Word says their groups will still be around until the fall.

Again, thanks.

Mary Sauer

"DavidF" wrote in message
Once again, you have NOTHING to apologize for. Your web site is fast loading,
easy to use and provides great content. You should be proud in my opinion.


"Mary Sauer" wrote in message
I downloaded a couple of different animated .gifs from Microsoft, one worked
as a loop. The other animated, then quit. Maybe in my experiment I needed to
edit the timing.
I have no use for animation on my pitiful web page.
Mary Sauer

"Rob Giordano [MS MVP]" wrote in message
it should unless it was edited...cropped resized etc

Rob Giordano
Microsoft MVP Expression Web

"Mary Sauer" wrote in message
It will wave on a web page, preview the web page from the File menu. Not
all animations loop.

Mary Sauer

"Daniel" wrote in message
I have a .gif (waving flag) that I want to wave in my .pub as a PDF.

Or I made it a web page publication and the .gif still does not wave.

I dont see an option.

If I were to insert an object (power point presentation), it still does

any ideas?