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Default MS Word - Removing the 'Track Changes' feature on a document

Hi Forum,

This is my first post here. My name's Jeff, I live in Kamloops, BC, Canada and work for a wind power company, and by night and any other time the cats and the cactus keep me busy, when I'm not shoveling snow (not that we get much, but I thought I'd put in a weather whinge, especially since today's March 1st and we're nowhere near Spring in terms of climate).

Anyway, enough of problem is a group of Word documents I use frequently which, in spite of all of my efforts to do so, will not shut the 'Track Changes' feature off, no matter that it's turned off on the toolbars and removed from the toolbars completely.

Our company is using a file-sharing system to which I've checked out these documents, made all of the changes, then told the document to 'accept all changes' and checked it back in, having disabled the track changes feature before uploading it. I've also saved the document locally and made the changes, turned off track changes and removed the toolbar, uploaded the document, and when I checked it out again, the track changes feature was active (but not automatically in the tool bar).

In short, I can't seem to wash this feature out of my hair - can you help me? Whatever I do, this feature seems to be an intrinsic feature of this group of documents, and I so do not want it so.

Thanks much for your help with this minor-yet-vexing PITA,


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