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Default changing email displayed as...

Thanks Roady, I didn't know it was based on the configuration of the
receiver's mail client.

I appreciate the prompt reply.



"Roady [MVP]" wrote:

You can change your display name in your account settings (under the Tools
menu) unless you are working with an Exchange account. In that case, the
display name is controlled via a corporate policy on the Exchange server.

Note that the actual display of the name (with or without the email address)
is still up the receiving mail client and not the sending party.

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"asf66" wrote in message
I am trying to configure my email so that when I send a note, the
see this:

"name | Company" in the from box, as opposed to this:

"name | company )" How can I confire Outlook so it
stops showing my email adress in the parenthesis?

I use OL 2007 and Win XP Pro.