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John Spencer
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Default Delete Query not Working

It should be

DELETE DistinctRow [DailyCalls].NumberDialed
FROM DailyCalls
WHERE (((DailyCalls.NumberDialed)=[PersonalCalls].[PhoneNumber]));

However that will fail since you do not a have a reference to PersonalCalls in
the query.

You MIGHT be able to use
DELETE DistinctRow [DailyCalls].NumberDialed
FROM DailyCalls INNER JOIN [Personal Calls]
ON DailyCalls.NumberDialed=[PersonalCalls].[PhoneNumber]

The following should work with no problem
FROM DailyCalls
WHERE NumberDialed in
( SELECT PhoneNumber
FROM [Personal Calls]
AND PhoneNumber is Not Null)

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SSi308 wrote:
I have tried to follow many of the suggestions in other posts, but have not
been able to get this to work.

I have a table called DailyCalls and another table called PersonalCalls. A
query was set up to return calls in the DailyCalls table that match calls in
the PersonalCalls table. When I change the query to a Delete query I get the
error: Invalid bracketing of name '[PersonalCalls.PhoneNumber]'.
Here is the sql of the delete query:
DELETE DistinctRow [DailyCalls].NumberDialed
FROM DailyCalls
WHERE (((DailyCalls.NumberDialed)=[PersonalCalls.PhoneNumber]));

I tried removing brackets and also adding sqare brackets around the table
names, but get the same error.

Can anyone tell me what I have wrong?