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Trevor Little[_2_]
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Default Summing Cells with Text and Numbers

Hi Mike,

I just came across one problem with the formula that I haven't been able to
figure out. It doesn't seem to work, if 1 of the cells in the array is
blank... is there a way of putting in a condition where it ignores the blank

Thanks again.

"Mike H" wrote:


With your 'numbers in a1 - d1 try this

=SUMPRODUCT((LEFT(A11,1)="S")*(RIGHT(A11,LEN(A 11)-1)))


"Trevor Little" wrote:

Is it possible to use the Sumif function to add numbers with a specific
designator in front of it?

A row contains strings like: S8, S10, V5, S5

Is there a formula that can total the S's? (Total would be 23)