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Default several questions RE tables

On Mon, 29 Mar 2010 13:13:01 -0700, Ret wrote:

I'm using Access 2007 and I want to transfer data from one table (an import)
to another table. Every time I try an append query I lose most of the
records. I've tried to format the records the same and now just about any
changes I make in either table I get the messege "Too many fields defined".

Correct the error in your query.

If you would like help doing so... please tell us how the query is set up;
open it in SQL view and post the SQL text here.

The "too many fields" suggests that you're repeatedly changing the *STRUCTURE*
(not the data) of the table. Each time you add or change a field, you use up
one of the 255 allowed field "slots". You can recover them by using Office
Button... Manage... Compact and Repair. If you actually have over 255 fields
(heck, over 25 fields) then you need to come to a screeching halt and redesign
your improperly normalized tables!


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