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Default Need to Plot a Chart with out Numerical Values

For High, Medium, Low, substitute 3,2,1. For the x-values, replace A-1
by 1, A-2 by 2, etc. Plot this new data.

Create two more dummy data sets. The first is points along the x-axis,
as in (1,0), (2,0), etc. The other is along the y-axis, as in (0,1),
(0,2), etc. Plot these two series.

Use Rob Bovey's XY Chartlabeler to label the 2 dummy axis as A-1, A-2,
etc. and Low, Medium, High. Hide the actual axis values (double-click
the axis, then, in the Patterns tab set the 'Tick mark labels' to


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In article , venkat_
My problem is with ploting a graph in excel which has
abstract value i.e. it does not contain any numerical
I need to plot a chart which has High, Medium & Low in
Y-axes and Value chain represented by A-1, A-2..... in
X-axes and company name which will give me the graph
Pls Help
Thanks & Regards