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Default Need to Plot a Chart with out Numerical Values

venkat wrote:
My problem is with ploting a graph in excel which has
abstract value i.e. it does not contain any numerical
I need to plot a chart which has High, Medium & Low in
Y-axes and Value chain represented by A-1, A-2..... in
X-axes and company name which will give me the graph
Pls Help
Thanks & Regards

How do you rank your abstract values -- alphabetically? importance? some
other criteria? And what happens if you have two occurences of "High" for
the same x-axis category? Once you have that figured out, you could write a
function in the spreadsheet to calculate the rank for each entry, then use
the standard chart types within Excel.

You can use many of the basic Excel chart types with abstract values in the
x-axis. That is called a category type axis.

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