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Default String with Varying Letter followed by Incremented Number

I'm new to Access and really don't even know how to ask what I need to
know, but I'll give it a shot and maybe you brilliant folks can figure
out what I mean.

We have three classes with students. Each student is assigned an ID.
The ID contains a letter which indicates which class the student
attends (L G or F) and that letter is followed by a 7 digit number
that increments with each student no matter which class they are in.

So our list might look like

We're developing a database, but this information in our current
system has been kept in one field. Because we are familiar with this
data being kept in one field and because none of us developing the
database are incredibly advanced, we were hoping to keep it in one
field. The problem is that when entering the data, the class letter
must be picked and the 7 digit number incremented.

I've searched and read but I'm not certain how this can be done in

My question is: Can this be done in a form where two entires populate
one field in a table?

If it can't be done in one field, is there an alternative method you
could suggest?