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Default Order By/Filter clause corrupted with aliases

Hi Karl,

I just realised that after writing the query, I put SELECT * FROM query in
the Record Source, instead of what I guess you meant - setting the Record
Source directly equal to the query name. In that case it seems to leave the
initial Order By alone, so everything works OK.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion - I can make it work now.

There is still a bug, and it seems quite easy to recreate. It seems as if
the effect of bundling up the SQL into a query just hides stuff so that the
incorrect rewriting is skipped.

Here is the query after removing the aliases:
SELECT * FROM (BatFac INNER JOIN Batch ON BatFac.Batch=Batch.Batch) INNER
JOIN Facility ON BatFac.Facility=Facility.Facility;

Nothing complicated there, I'd say. The Batch and Facility fields of BatFac
are not null, and there are foreign key relationships defined between the

I have two list boxes (among other things) on the form for Batch and
Facility. The Batch one has
Control Source = BatFac.Batch
Row Source = SELECT OABDesc, [Batch] FROM Batch;
Bound Column = 2
Column Count = 2
And the Facility list box is just the same with Facility for Batch everywhere.

The OABDesc field holds a textual description of the item, so you see the
description in the datasheet, but you can click in the cell and see a
dropdown list of descriptions and codes (primary keys) together. The same
field name is used in both Batch and Facility.

With the form Record Source set directly to the SQL at the top, after
sorting the Facility column, if you go into Design View, you see
Order By = [Lookup_Facility].[OABDesc]

If you hit save at this point then this is rewritten to

The same happens if you just close the form without entering Design Mode or
hitting save. If Order By On Load is Yes, then when you try to open the form
again, you get
Invalid bracketing of name 'Lookup_Facility.[Batch.OABDesc]'.
and the form does not open.

"KARL DEWEY" wrote:

Post the query SQL by opening in design view, click on VIEW - SQL View,
highlight all, copy, and paste in a post.

Build a little, test a little.

"Boggle" wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion - but it didn't help. After saving, Order By

and again, table1 is always the first table joined in the query, and only
matches up with the controls that refer to that table.

"KARL DEWEY" wrote:

Have you tried to do the SQL in a query rather than in the form?

Build a little, test a little.

"Boggle" wrote:

It gets worse. I removed the aliases just to see what happened. I am still
referencing two fields with the same name in different tables. The Order By
clause is still fine until you save:

and when you save it goes to:

where table1 is always the first joined table with that field name. That
that still works if you sort in the column relating to the first joined table
(so apparently it isn't a syntax problem any more). But if you sort in the
column from the second joined table, then the control doesn't refer to
table1, and you get the invalid bracket error. (Though clearly it isn't
the brackets which are the problem.)

By the way my controls are combo boxes so you can drop down and see a list
of all valid entries in the column. But I can't see what that would have to
do with it.

It all worked fine in Access 2003.

"Boggle" wrote:

By the way this is Access 2007.

I just wrote a simple cleanup routine (within any pair of square brackets,
split by periods, and replace the contents with the last token), but the
syntax check occurs before Open and Load. Which means there is no workaround
- if you do the edit at any other time then you have to save the form ... and
Access kindly screws the clause up again as it saves.

I'm surprised this hasn't come up before - surely there are other people out
there who use datasheets, and not completely trivial joins? With users who
like to sort and filter?

"Boggle" wrote: