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Richard Mitnick
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Hi, yes, I got my problem solved, by the brute force method. I am not privy
to reveal what happened, unless your conditions are very close to mine. So, I
have some questions:

Was Office 2007 ever installed previously on this computer?

Did you obtain Office 2007 with your computer or did you purchase it, like,
in a box, or maybe you got the trial version from MSFT?

What version, if any, of Office is now installed on your computer.

What have you tried to get Office 2007 to install?

Let me know these things and I will see if I am able to help.


"chandupulla" wrote:

Hi Richard,
I am also facing with the same problem if you were able to find any
solution over this issue please let me know .

reply will be appreciated.


"Richard Mitnick" wrote:

O.K., this is a really big problem, there are posts going back to March, with
no replies:

Installing Office 2007, very shortly after the start, this message pops up,
cannot find Proofing.en-us\Proof-es\, and also

This is all over the web in many forums, and, as I said, unanswered posts

The install will not drill into the Proof folder. I tried copying the files
to the C drive, the install just does not see them anywhere.

This is, excuse me, a mess. There are people who bought Office 2007 in the
box and now can not install it.

If anyone knows a cure for this, please reply.