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Default Unable To Restore OE6 .DBX Files

You did check Deleted Items for the missing folder, correct?

If all the contents of a folder are moved or deleted, the size of the dbx
file will not be reduced until you compact. IOW, a 49KB file may actually
be empty.

It does appear that you tried to replace the folder in the correct
fashion, but review this to be sure.

How to restore individual dbx files

Have you checked for a bak file in the Recycle Bin? If you did in fact do
it correctly, and have no backup folder, then you will need this tool.


You may need to run it in the Extract From Disk Mode if its normal
recovery mode fails to find the lost messages.
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"ColTom2" wrote in message


I had some files in an OE6 local named folder "Kit" and deleted the
in error. I created another folder by the same name and transferred some
files to it before I realized the folder did not contain all the prior
Kit.dbx files. I deleted this folder.

When I open Windows Explorer and go to the Store Folder I can see the
Kit.dbx file (49,512KB). However, when I follow the prior instructions
restore this folder by dragging it to the desktop and then creating a
folder in OE6 by the exact name and opening it and then closing OE6,
dragging the Kit.dbx folder from the desktop back to the Store folder I
a Prompt asking do I want to replace it and I say Yes, but it is not
restored, as the folder is empty.

What am I doing wrong?

These files are most important to me and I need help badly.