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Default Door snaps to wall

That drawing type uses an add-on to provide the snapping behavior. It is
not tied to Visio's regular snap.

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"Doug.S" wrote in message
with snap and glue off I don't think it should snap anymore, but try
moving door via nudge (arrow) keys (or shift+arrow) to get to fine tune
into position instead of using mouse.

"ksporry" wrote in message
I'm fairly new at Visio 2003. I am drawing a plan of a house and I am
to position a door next to a wall. However, the centre of the door keeps
snapping to the centre of the wall. I tried to disable snap and glue in
Tools, but that didn't have any effect. Is the program malfunctioning or
there a function that prevents the door from being positioned freely?
I guess my main question is: How can I position a door without it
to anything?