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Default Time/Date stamps in Word

Greg has included vba code which when run will insert the time plus one hour
at the cursor - see
If you want it calculate the date in the document without using a macro,
then refer to the link I pointed you to earlier. The field construction
required to add times is on the last page of the document. Ensure that you
read the introduction before using it.


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"scottalanclymer" wrote in message

'Greg Maxey[_2_ Wrote:
;456399']Selection.InsertAfter "The time: " & Format(Time, "h:mm") & _
vbCr & "The time an hour ago: " & _
Format(DateAdd("h", -1, Time), "h:mm") & vbCr & _
"The time an hour from now: " & Format(DateAdd("h", 1, Time),

ok, that's a little obscure for me. I know my way around Excel, but
Word is a different animal. Is that some kind of programming language?
Cause it's just jibberish to me. Let me put a section of my excel file

It's only 40K. It shows what I'm doing in Excel. I just want a simple
way to do the same thing in Word. Don't know how to apply programming
code in Word.