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Default date dif issues

i'm new to the forum and boy, am i frustrated...ahem...
the issue i'm having is with DATEDIF in Excel 2003.
i have been using the above function for some time in a spreadsheet i built myself.
i have just inherited another spreadsheet and cannot get it to work.
the formula i'm using is =DATEDIF(B79,M2,"m") where B79 is toadys date and M2 is 30 Apr 11. this is showing "1" which is correct as there's 1 months difference.
in all the other cells, and the M2 cell has been changed to relate to a different date, i'm getting a long number. for example; if the second date is 24 Nov 11 i'm getting 1342.
i assume this is something to do with 1900 but any help would be greatly appreciated.