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Steve Rindsberg
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In article , Xcoustic
I want to jump from descriptive text of a system, to specific pictures of
individual parts from the Hot text of the part names. I assume you would do
this by hyperlinking to another slide. Is there a way to force the
presentation to return to the launching slide or must there be a Nav button
hard coded to return to the specific place. There might be different slides
that come to that location so would there need to be specific buttons to
each or can it dynamically link back to the originating location.

Set the nav button's action to Hyperlink to: Last Slide Viewed

It'll then take you back to whatever slide you just came from.

I wouldn't plan on using it to do anything more complex than this, though; it
doesn't work like a browser's back button, for example.

If you visit A then B then C then D in a browser, the Back button takes you
from D to C to B to A.

In PowerPoint, Last Slide Viewed means literally that:

If you got to D by the same route, LSV takes you to C
Then since you just looked at D before going back to C, LSV goes to D
Then C
Then D

IOW, it ain't good for much, but it's good for what you need it to do.
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