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John Spencer
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Default Report formatting hangs

Usually, the amount of the data in the section is TOO large to keep together.
So Access looks for another page to put it on, but if the amount of data is
too large to fit on one page Access looks for another page and ...

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Tara wrote:
The second suggestion fixed it! Now I just have to figure out why it's
having trouble with the grouping...

Thanks so much!

"Allen Browne" wrote:

This is probably to so with the properties of the sections and groupings. It
may be attempting to find a solution that's not possible.

To test if this is the problem, open the report in design view. In the
Sorting and Grouping box, make sure that each group header/foot is set to
"Do not keep together."

If that doesn't solve it, right-click the Detail section, and choose
Properties. On the Format tab of the properties box, set Keep Together to
No. Repeat for the other sections on the report.

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"Tara" wrote in message
I have a report (rptHV) that uses a query (qryHV) as its record source.
user opens a form (frmHVClient), chooses a name from a combo box, and then
clicks a command button (cmdClient) to run the report. The report works
as long as certain client names are not chosen. If those certain client
names are chosen, a progress bar appears in the status area with the
"Formatting report - press ctrl + Break to stop..." and the report hangs
never formats at all. Coincidentally (or not) the clients that cause the
issue are all assigned to the same staff member. I've looked at the data
those records several times and everything appears normal, so I'm at a
as to why this is happening.