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Default Resource For Help With Access

"Steve" schreef in bericht ...
I provide help with Access applications. I specialize in designing the tables for a new database and fixing problems and adding new
functionality in existing databases. My fee could be as low as ten dollars. If you need help and can no longer connect to a
newsgroup, I can help you. Contact me at my email address below.


Getting a bit desperate $teve??
Very soon there is NO place left for your adds...

BTW: I guess the folks at cdma are waiting to eat you alive...

Get lost $teve. Go away... far away....

Again... Get lost $teve. Go away... far away....
No-one wants your help... no-one needs your help

Newsgroups are meant for FREE help..
No-one wants you here... no-one needs you there..
$teve: Look at
(Website has been updated and has a new 'look'... we have passed 12.000 pageloads... it's a shame !!)

Arno R