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Default Address Book will not come up using Fax Wizard

Instructions have already been posted.
You corrupted your Outlook Address Book Service.
Never rename your default Contacts Folder.

I didn't, because that cannot be done. Select Contacts, then File - Folders.
The rename option is grayed.

Remove and re-add the Outlook Address Book Service.
You should only have one instance "Contacts Personal Folders" in the Outlook

Address Book.

I have done the removal and add several times in my experimenting by checking
and unchecking the Show this folder as an e-mail address book box. But the only
way for the Outlook Address Book to show up in the Print Fax sequence is to
check the Show this folder as an e-mail address book box and accept Contacts as
the name, or use another name (like Fax Contacts). That process creates the
second entry that shows up in the Outlook Address Book as a second Contacts
Personal Folders.

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