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Felix D
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it's loading as an add-in now, thanks.

but i still get the same error message, and i still don't have the "remove
hidden data" command in the command list

"Beth Melton" wrote: is manually added in by a COM Add-in and all it has is a
customized File menu with the "Remove Hidden Data" command.

Try copying the to your Word Startup folder. That way it will
load automatically when Word starts. You can find the location of the
Word Startup folder under Tools/Options/File Locations.

Please post all follow-up questions to the newsgroup. Requests for
assistance by email can not be acknowledged.

Beth Melton
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"Felix D" Felix wrote in message
I'm having the same trouble. I get a popup that says "An error
while trying to launch the Remove Hidden Data Tool. Try
reinstalling." only
when I start Word.

Virus and everything is also exited. I have the 2 auto exec files in
add-in, but it does not install the add-in After I add it
it doesn't remain once I click "OK" and finalize installation of the

Another thing that I notice: I am unable to add the command "Remove
Data..." in the file menu - because it doesn't even appear as an
option in
the command list. I think that this problem is ultimately related
to this

"Bob Buckland ?:-)" wrote:

Hi Tom,

In addition to Beth's comments you can run
the tool from a command line in Start=Run.
More information on that is in the Readme .htm
file in

drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Remove Hidden Data

If you have Winzip (or equivalent) you can right click
on the RHDTool.exe download and choose 'open with Winzip'
and inside that archive open RHD.CAB to get to the .htm
readme file and manually extract the files.

Are you using U.S. English (1033) as the default on
your system? Have you installed Service Pack 1 on Office 2003?

"Tom Ker" [email protected] wrote in message
Windows 2000 SP4, Office 2003, RHD 1.1

Any known reasons why the RHD tool won't install properly on this

When I open an Office product after attempting to install the tool
I get the
message that it did not install correctly and I should try again.
It never


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