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Default Limiting tables in 2007 to only template-related styles


I have used Word since 1984, and have been on 2007 for 3 years.
I am still having problems with tables.

I want to show only the "approved" styles in the template for work; ideally,
the user will not be able to insert anything but one of the approved styles.
This is a multi-contributor environment, with widely ranging Word skill

In 2007, I know how to show all the table styles through the Manage Styles
dialog box. And I have seen a document where someone managed to remove MOST
-- but not ALL -- of the table styles, but I have not been able to track down
who did the document yet.

I saw something about the BuildingBlocks.dotx; is this the key to removing
the unwanted table styles? Can I adjust this and distribute to the other

Thanks in advance for any help!