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Default Let's pick a replacement for this (Access) newsgroup

"David W. Fenton" wrote

I vote for comp.database.access or

Haven't used the utteraccess yet, but signed up and have started
reading some of the posts...

Utteraccess is a private site and if you violate the arbitrary rules
of the admins there, you can be banned (as I was, for saying that
somebody's answer was bloody stupid and then explaining why; you
can't find that answer there now, because they deleted it after they
banned me for not apologizing!).

That said, there are some very competent people who answer questions at
UtterAccess, many of them MVPs. A significant percentage of new MVPs in
recent years were first identified by their work at UtterAccess.

Now, _that_ said, I have only ever just visited that site, and known some
people who post there, possibly even the moderator(s) who banned David. One
of the reasons that I don't post there is that I don't want to deal with
somebody else's idea of what I should say and how I should say it, no matter
how nice they may be in person, nor how good they are with the subject at

Larry Linson, Microsoft Office Access MVP