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Albert S.
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Default Let's pick a replacement for this (Access) newsgroup

Yeah, I think MS is not taking into account all the people like me that just
read and learn and don't necessarily post a lot of questions...

I vote for comp.database.access or

Haven't used the utteraccess yet, but signed up and have started reading
some of the posts...
Albert S.

"Fred" wrote:

Folks have recommended various sites to replace this (Access) newsgroup for
when poor-listener Microsoft drops it.

Why don't we pick a replacement to give it the "critical mass" to fully
replace this one? If interested, please respond to this with your

Also, if you feel like it, in case this goes dead, send me an email with
your email address at North9000 at gmail dot com and I'll try to
collect / send out the news/results. (via blind cc)

I did / will be duplicating this in database design, general and new user
Access groups.