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Default table of contents for 6x9 allignment

By default, Word uses tab stops to position the page number. Adjust the
position of the right-aligned tab stop for each of the TOC styles (or add a
tab stop if it's missing). Usually, it is sufficient to place the insertion
point inside a TOC entry and then drag the tab stop into the desired
position (on the horizontal ruler); the style will update automatically
(unless you have turned that option off).

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"guitarguy" wrote in message
I love the table of contents feature in ms word 2007.
However, I inserted a table of contents into my 6x9 book (as per's
template) and the numbers for the talbe flew off the page as if it were
alligned to a regular 8.5x11 page.

How do I allign the numbers to the right margin of the 6x9 book? I tried
doing it manually, but it never lines up (I used periods or dashes)