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Question Strange MS Word behaviour!

Hi all and hope you are keeping safe.

I have a weird issue here that is really doing my head in!

My partner works as a teacher and she has to save docs on an external hard drive.

Issue is, that when at school she can open her saved word docs from the external drive with no issue, which is connected to her school laptop.

When back at home, the docs will just not open from the same external connected to her work laptop.

I did hours of research yesterday and to no avail.

Connecting the external drive to my personal laptop and the docs open with no issue.

There is an added issue, which I have no idea if connected or not, is that on opening Word on her school laptop, there is the popup of " we're sorry. we can't open normal.dotm". Shutting the warning and Word does open but then i can't save a test file.


Am I missing something obvious?

Any advice/ thoughts greatly appreciated!