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Default Outlook Express Not Responding

Outlook, or Outlook Express? They are not the same program.

If OE, start here.

When OE crashes or won't start

(Hint: For better assistance, always start your own new thread instead of
hijacking an old one that isn't even on the MS news server any longer).
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"Platinum Endless Events"
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My Outlook is not responding at all. I click on the icon and nothing. It
working yesterday and I am not sure what is going on. I have noticed
over the
past few days, I see a pop up of the log in box appears first. I closed
window and it works fine but today nothing is taking place.....any
suggestions? This is a business email so I need immediate access to it.

"Bruce Hagen" wrote:

Do not archive mail in default OE folders. They will eventually become
corrupted. Create your own user defined folders for storing mail and
your mail to them. Empty Deleted Items folder regularly. Keep user
folders under 100MB, and Default folders as empty as is feasible.

After you are done, follow up by compacting your folders manually while
working *offline* and do it often.

Click on Outlook Express at the top of the folder tree so no
folders are open. Then: FileWork Offline (or double click Working
Online in
the Status Bar). FileFolderCompact all folders. Don't touch anything
the compacting is completed.

In ToolsOptionsMaintenance: Uncheck Compact messages in background
leave it unchecked. {N/A if running XP/SP2}.

And see this:
Bruce Hagen
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"Foxhole" wrote in message
Have a problem with my computer...............After about 5 cold
boots, I
click on outlook express it is slow in coming up and when it does
there is
window for the dial up in order to get into my mail from the
provider..When I
click on any part of the outlook express window I get a temporary
and a little later a window shows that outlook express is not
only fix that I have found is to use the system restore to a date
outlook express was working. After about 5 cold boots the same thing
again. Any ideas anyone.