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Default Who here still uses old Office 2000 SP3?

"LaModiste" wrote in message
I do not "use" MSO 2000 as my Office suite (have 2007 Ultimate and now
using 2010 Pro). I cannot do without--will not do without--the MS
Office 2000 Shortcut Bar. I have used it with Office XP and Office
2007 for years. It is working beautifully, as always, with MS Office
2010. Just requires installing it LAST (after the Office suite that
you are going to use) and doing a custom install of ONLY the Shortcut
Bar on the Tools menu.

I live in fear that MS will find some way to really kill it in a
future version of Office g--for now, I can expect to have it for at
least three years until the next MSO version come out.

Why not just put the Office products that you want to be available only one
click away onto the Quick Launch Bar, and be done with the Office Shortcut

With the advent of the Quick Launch Bar that allows any of your favorite
applications to be only one click away, instead of the Office Shortcut Bar
that only holds Office applications, why do you keep the shortcut bar?