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Default All or nothing? How to show only 2-3 styles I define?

I am in Word 2007. I am am experienced Word user, have been since 1984.

I also want to reduce the clutter and remove the "not allowed" table styles.
So far, I have found that I can show NO table styles (through the Manage
Styles dialog box and its various tabs)... or ALL of them.

Ideally, I want about 2 or 3 defined table styles and nothing else. Whatever
happened to the happy medium (allowable in 2003 and before since at least
1995) where I can show only the table styles allowed in this document?

I have seen a Word-2007-created document where it looks like someone
*actually* managed this. I am trying to find that person, but no luck so far.

Any ideas on how to remove the garbage so I can lock down the template to
relevant styles? I saw that I might be able to lose the tables by unloading
the buildingblocks.dotm, but this template/doc has to go out to other users,
and I might not be able to change that on their machines.

Am I missing something? Or have I lost the ability to control what table
styles show? (And ALL is not acceptable.)