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Default conditional numeric formatting of field output on report


Thank you for the help. It didn't help out completely, but it got me in the
right direction and I was able to get my report to work properly.

"Marshall Barton" wrote:

David McCormack wrote:

I have tried this but I keep getting an error. This is what I have:

=IIf([Operation]=2,Format([May], "##0.0"),Format([May], "##0.0%"))

I have a field that if the object [Operation] is equals to 2, I need the
field to be in a standard number format with one decimal place. Otherwise I
need the field to be in a percentage format with one decimal place.

I don't see a problem with the expression. If your error is
that the text box displays #Error, then try changing the
name of the text box to something other than the nae of a
field in the report's record source (eg. txtMay).

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