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"Ron de Bruin" wrote...
Today is a sad day because tomorrow MS will close the Excel newsgroups.
I want to say that I hade a great time in the Excel groups the last years.


This represents a thorough lack of understanding of how USENET/NNTP
newsgroups work. Microsoft's own servers may no
longer exist, so the microsoft.* newsgroups would no longer be found
there, but the microsoft.* newsgroups have been around so long that
most of the larger ISPs carry them. As long as other ISPs carry them,
they continue to exist. Microsoft killed off
microsoft.public.excel.worksheetfunctions (note only 3 periods) in
favor of microsoft.public.excel.worksheet.functions (note 4 periods)
years ago, but the former continues to have traffic, though much
reduced from when Microsoft servers hosted it.

These newsgroups will continue to exist, and they may effectively
become Google-hosted, but they won't disappear any time soon.