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Bernard Liengme
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Default The last day

Please reconsider. The Bridge works well and working directly in Answers in
not that much of a chore.
You will be sorely missed if you do not make the transition - I need someone
to trap my odd silly mistake!
best wishes

"David Biddulph" groups [at] wrote in message
I'm still hoping that a reasonable number of news servers will continue to
carry the newsgroups, and that therefore the groups will be able to
continue providing help to users. I'm not currently planning on shifting
to the MS forums, so to any who don't plan to stay here in the newsgroups,
thanks for all your help over the years.
David Biddulph

"Ron de Bruin" wrote in message
Hi all

Today is a sad day because tomorrow MS will close the Excel newsgroups.
I want to say that I hade a great time in the Excel groups the last

Sharing knowledge is a great thing

After tomorrow we must use the MS forums and I hope it will
give me the same fun as I hade with the newsgroups.

Maybe this page will help you if you start using the MS Forums and not
like the web interface

Thanks everybody for everything, see you in the MS Forums


Regards Ron de Bruin