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Peter Jamieson
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Default how do I add cc: field in email merge?

You can't do it doing the out-of-the-box mailmerge feature and need to do
your "merge" some other way. One way is Doug Robbins' approach - see

and follow it very carefully. If you use Google groups to search this group
for e.g. jamieson activerecord outlook application you may find various
macros I've created overt the years for similar purposes but
a. they only work when you want to produce one e-mail for each data source
record. Any NEXT, NEXTIF, SKIP or SKIPIF fields and you're sunk.
b. I know for a fact that my macros are nothing like as well tested as

Peter Jamieson

"DLEESE04" wrote in message
I'm creating an email merge using MS Outlook and MS Excel. I would like
add an email address in the cc: field as well as the To: field. Is this
possible? If so, how? Thank you.