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Default Let's pick a replacement for this (Access) newsgroup

I could quibble with your selection of the 4 groups, but the main
thing you missed is "queries". microsoft.public.queries is a fairly
busy group, carrying mostly stuff not handled in the other groups.


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The experts have been focusing on the technical aspects (news
group vs web interface) but I think that what's more key is an
Access-focused forum/newsgroup, with some subdivisions, and
knowing that most people that are asking a question will need a
web site / web interface.

I vote for a single newsgroup with no subdivisions at all.

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No, "Access", "Forms", "Formscoding" and "Reports" are the four
sub-divisions that have served us well. And, as Bob posted, there
are many NNTP servers out there, that as far as I've been able to
determine, have no intention of dropping the Microsoft.Public.*