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You can't put field brackets around inserted fields as you have done. Toggle
the display with ALT+F9 then you should have something like

{IF { MERGEFIELD Purchase_Line_Quantity } = "0" "" "{ MERGEFIELD
Purchase_Line_Quantity }" }

Though frankly adding a formatting switch will work as well

{ MERGEFIELD Purchase_Line_Quantity \# "0;;"}

If the quantity may exceed 1,000 add a comma between the opening quote and
the 0 thus \# ",0;;"



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"Fionny" wrote in message
Hi All,

Im in the process of creating a stylesheet for reports from NAV 5.0 and
require a formula to be entered to prevent 0's for being Displayed.

What I am Entering is:

{IF { «Purchase_Line_Quantity» } = "0" "" "{ «Purchase_Line_Quantity» }" }

But when I save this and close it changes the whole thing back to just

{IF =0 "" ""}

I am at a total loss as to how do this.

Thanks a Million for the help,