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Default Open Excel file with command button?

Thanks Douglas for the advice but I'm afraid the solution is far above my
skill level at the moment
"Douglas J. Steele" wrote in message
Hmm. That's odd. I thought FollowHyperlink respected the file

One other thing to try before going to the trouble of using Automation.
Try the ShellExecute API, as illustrated in at "The Access Web"

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
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"Steve Goodrich" wrote in message
Thanks for your reply.
I have set my file associations so that Excel opens in 2003. Every Excel
file I click in windows explorer does open in 2003. It's when I use a
command button to open the file that it opens in 97.

How do I use automation to load Excel 2003 and then load the workbook?


"Douglas J. Steele" wrote in message
FollowHyperlink should open whatever application is associated with the
file extension. I'm guessing that if you double-click on the file in
Windows Explorer, Excel 97 opens as well. If that's the case, your
options would seem to be change the file association, or else use
Automation to open an instance of Excel 2003 and then load the workbook
into that instance.

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
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"Steve Goodrich" wrote in message
We have two versions of MS Office installed in our office - 97 & 2003
We use Access 97 and Excel, Word and PowerPoint 2003
The file types are associated with the correct programs, so double
an Excel file for example will open it using Excel 2003.

I have an Access 97 db with a command button on the form that when
opens an Excel file using the FollowHyperlink code.E.g. followhyperlink

I have also tried to enter the hyperlink on the format tab on the
On both occasions the file opens with Excel 97
Is there a method that I can use that will open the file in Excel 2003
All other files/shortcuts open with 2003 when double clicked

I tried to get Office 97 uninstalled except for Access 97 but we need
editor 97 and was informed by our tech guy that they can't remove
word,excel & PowerPoint 97 and leave photo editor on because of the way
company has it packaged. It's all done remotely and they can't do

All I want to do is open an Excel file using the 2003 version from a
command button on my form.

Any help would be appreciated