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Default Print Frist 2 pages in First Page Tray & others in other pages tra

Instead of setting different first page - print the first two pages to tray1
and the rest to tray2. If the whole is duplexed it should work. For macro
code to switch trays see

I believe all trees used for paper are from sustainable forests planted for
the purpose of creating paper and as more trees should be better, it could
be argued that by not using paper you are adding to the reduction in tree
numbers planted - albeit in a tiny way

You would also be helping reduce available jobs.


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"Senthil" wrote in message
I use one tray for Headed Paper and another for plain paper.
Using macro i print first page of the document to the headed paper and
remaining pages in plain paper tray correctly.

Now to be more eco-freindly, to avoid wastage of papers, i need to print
second page of the document to the headed paper back side.

So ideally i need to Print Frist Two pages in First Page Tray & reamining
pages in other pages tray (which is already duplexed).

Need to if this is possible.

Dim sPrinterName$
Dim sPortName$
Dim nFirstPageTray
Dim nOtherPagesTray

-- assignment
sPrinterName$ = 'assign print name
sPortName$ = 'assign port name
nFirstPageTray = ' assign "First Page Tray"
nOtherPagesTray = ' assign "Other Pages Tray"

--Set print details
WordBasic.FilePrintSetup Printer:=sPrinterName$ + " on " + sPortName$,

--Set the trays
WordBasic.FilePageSetup applypropsto:=4, FirstPage:=nFirstPageTray,

--Print the ducment
WordBasic.FilePrint Background:=1