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Default Print Frist 2 pages in First Page Tray & others in other pages tra

I use one tray for Headed Paper and another for plain paper.
Using macro i print first page of the document to the headed paper and
remaining pages in plain paper tray correctly.

Now to be more eco-freindly, to avoid wastage of papers, i need to print the
second page of the document to the headed paper back side.

So ideally i need to Print Frist Two pages in First Page Tray & reamining
pages in other pages tray (which is already duplexed).

Need to if this is possible.

Dim sPrinterName$
Dim sPortName$
Dim nFirstPageTray
Dim nOtherPagesTray

-- assignment
sPrinterName$ = 'assign print name
sPortName$ = 'assign port name
nFirstPageTray = ' assign "First Page Tray"
nOtherPagesTray = ' assign "Other Pages Tray"

--Set print details
WordBasic.FilePrintSetup Printer:=sPrinterName$ + " on " + sPortName$,

--Set the trays
WordBasic.FilePageSetup applypropsto:=4, FirstPage:=nFirstPageTray,

--Print the ducment
WordBasic.FilePrint Background:=1