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Default Word 2003 bug: "Match Case" always selected?

Hi everyone – I'm pleased to find a forum where at least some people are still using older Word versions. (I stopped at 2003 to avoid the Microsoft "ribbon" that replaced good ol' menus... What was wrong with them, anyway?)

For as long as I can remember, my copy of Word has had a peculiar bug: Whenever I open Find or Replace, "Match Case" is selected. It doesn't matter if I clear it; it re-selects itself again next time. It's a tad annoying because I must open the dialog box's "More..." settings to access that option. Each. Time. I. Find. Or. Replace. Something.

Is there perhaps a registry change, or other configuration change, that may fix this? I realize it's a trivial issue, on the grand scale of things—but if you've experienced and fixed it, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, A.