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Russ Valentine
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Default How do I send a distribution list by email?

How did you create the DL? In what information store did it reside?
How did you send it?
Russ Valentine
"HappyFace06" wrote in message
Question for 2007. I was able to send the DL, but when it was receieved
they tried viewing the contents of the members an error message appeared
saying "Could not find contact. it may have been deleted or moved form its
original location. Would you like to reove it from the list?"

I select No, double click on the contact and I get the properties of the
email properties. I would like the receipent to see all the info
to that contact.

Any ideas?

"jewellbox" wrote:

I want to send a distribution list to another email address using
The online help suggests going to insert/item. My drop down under insert
no item option.