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Default Outlook Express sends 2 or 4 or 6 copies of the same e-mail

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My neighbor asked me to solve a problem with his computer - seems like
Outlook Express (Ver
6.0) flashes an error message when he sends an e-mail. (Typical Microsoft
error message in that it doesn't say what the error is) Then, the
application sends 2 or 4 or 6 copies of the same e-mail. Any ideas?

He also uses a laptop, and Outlook Express works as designed when sending
e-mail from the laptop (through the desk-top router). I did remove
(unsuccessfully) the Outlook components, rebooted and saw that Outlook
was still there doing its' nasty thing of sending 6-8 e-mails.

He is using McAfee, has the latest updates, and the entire computer has
been scanned without any reported viruses.
My solution is to reformat the hard drive (the PC operates sooooooo slow)
and reinstall applications, but my neighbor is reluctant to do that.
Using the web mail application from Cox.Net works well for him, but he
would prefer Outlook Express because he is most familiar with it.

Would appreciate any assistance.

RedT in Glendale, AZ