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Default PageSetup properties keep changing

Hello Allen

Very many thanks for your response to this. I am using Access 2000, and I
have found that the Name AutoCorrect was turned on: it's now off!

I note from your reference that you suggest creating a new mdb, turning off
Name AutoCorrect, then inporting all objects. Is that really going to be
better than just turning the feature off then doing a compact/repair?

Thanks again

"Allen Browne" wrote in message
Make sure Name AutoCorrect is turned off.
Then compact the database.

If this is Access 2007, make sure you have applied the service packs. SP2


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"PayeDoc" wrote in message
Hello All

I recently had some mdb corruption problems, that I THINK I've solved -

creating a new mdb and importing all objects. A new problem has now
that is either coincidental or is somehow related to my having done the

The page setup properties of various reports changes, periodically, 'by
iteslf'! I have been able to repeat this behaviour to some extent:

1. preview report - discover that the page setup properties are

2. close the report
3. select the report in the main database window, go FilePage Setup,
correct the properties
4. preview report - the page setup properties are now ok
5. close the report
6. amend a parameter on the open form that is used by the report
7. preview report - discover that the page setup properties are

wrong again!

This doesn't always happen, and I have been unable to identify any
The page setup properties are the margins, the landscape/portrait

and in one case the printer - changed from 'specified printer (correct)

default printer (not corect). I had been advised that setting the page
properties from the File menu item in the main database window was more
reliable than setting them from the report's design view - hence step 3

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks for any help.
Leslie Isaacs