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Default how can i send an email to someone not on my contacts list Outloo.

You can't simply type their email address in the To field? What happens when
you do? Is there an error message? What does it say? How are you forced to
go to your contacts list to enter them?
What version of Outlook are you using? What type of mail account?
What O/S?


Kathleen Orland

"Ron" wrote in message
I thought this would be easy to do. I send one-off emails to people a lot.

do not want to add them to my contact list but every time i try to send to
someone who is not on my email list i am forced to go to my contacts list,
add the person to the list and then i can send the email. I then have to

into my contacts list and delete the new addition.
Surely there must be an easy way to turn this off?