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Default Deleting records from a table

Hi all,

It's amazing just how quickly -- or maybe the four years since I retired
from developing databases isn't that 'quickly' after all :- -- that I could
forget how to do something that should really be easy.

I have a table with a couple of thousand records. Each record contains a
field for first name, last name, street address, city, state and zip. There
can be four or five people at one address, and there is a record for each of

I need to cull down the amount of records so that only ONE name at each
household will get a mailing.

I remember that I used to be able to do this by running a make table,
delete, append....or some other sort of query -- and it wasn't too

Will someone be kind enough to refresh this 'older' gentleman's memory how
it's done?

Thanks so much.