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shirl November 30th, 2012 09:27 AM

Days and dates query
I am hoping someone can help me with this.

My database contains events/courses with a start date and an end date, the start date could be say 1/9/12 (UK dates) and the end date could be 1/8/13, the event might be an evening class which say starts at 16.30 and ends at 21.00 and runs every Monday. I am trying to get the database to display all of the events taking place within a particular week but it is showing me all the courses between the actual start and end dates.

I have this in my query (I tried to attach screen shots but they would not upload even though they were smaller than the upload limit)

=[Please enter a START date]
=[Please enter an END date]
=[Please enter a Start Time date]

When I run the query and put in start date as 26/11/12 and the end date as 27/11/12 and the start time as 16.00 is shows me records which can be any time and records which are not actually running on Monday 26/11 and Tuesday 27/11, I only want to see specific days.

How can I get Access to work out that I only want to see records which run on those days?


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