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jimmy2016 October 13th, 2016 01:59 AM

Combining different worksheets using VBA
Combining different worksheets into a single worksheet.

Dear helpers,

I am new to VBA and have the problem:
To combine worksheets into a single worksheet we always use copy and paste but if there are many worksheets, say 30, it will spend a lot of time in selecting and copying.
I want to create a button in sheet1 and onclick it, those tables in the worksheets(named A01,..,A30) will be copied to sheet1, say from sheet1!A15.

1. The worksheets will be of the same number of columns:
A1(name), B11(date), C11(number), D11(price)
but different rows of data.

2. In the workbook, there are other worksheets and the worksheets I want to cope with are A01,...A30 only.

3. The are other data in worksheets A01,...,A30 and the tables I want to copy are, say, A01!A11:P19, A02!A11:P13,....
Can the VBA code count the number of rows in the table in each worksheet?

Thanks for your help.

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