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revnice September 19th, 2010 10:52 PM

Word 2007: Numbering and Header miseries
I'm trying to create a 10 chapter template for a book.

My document has 10 pages, one page for each chapter. Each chapter (page) contains all the formatting and there's a new Header at each of the 10 Section Breaks.

The idea is to paste my final words into each chapter - two problems.

1) Header
* When I enlarge the chapter by pasting text into it, there's no Header on the next and subsequent pages, even though they're all in the same section.

2) Numbering.
* If I specify Top Right, the number appears but the Header text vanishes
* If I use a code region inside the Header, both the Header and the number 1 are visible (yeah!) but inserted pages don't contain a Header or a number.

How hard can this be :)

What am I missing?

Thanks - rev

chymocles December 22nd, 2015 10:34 PM

I feel your pain, and I have nothing but commiseration. Word did not improve after 2007. Word 2011 for Mac and the current Mac version (15.16) are just as crazy and counterintuitive. I will start my own thread for my own problem, and maybe one of us will find a solution.

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