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debugger_partner November 20th, 2012 02:57 PM

Half the spaces between words disappear when saving
This is an intermittent problem that's been popping up over the last couple of months for one of my users. In some slides, when he hits save, a "random" number (let's say half) of all whitespaces disappear so that the sentences look completely wacky. In one sentence the first space might stay, but then there is three words in a row withoutanyspaces. If I copy the text and paste it in notepad for example, it's still the same so the spaces are actually gone, it's not just a formatting thing. And like I said, he can work in the document fine, the problem appears when he hits save and then it's too late. Have googled this for an hour or two and even searched the forums here but haven't been able to find any leads

He is running Office 2010 on Windows7 x64.
Have tried repairing Office
Have installed the latest Office updates.
At first I thought this might have to do with the standard template he was using, but today he got the same problem with a slide he got from a client that he tried to modify.

Any help is appreciated,


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